EasyQuery 3.9.0 release

What's new:

  • PrefixUnicodeConsts option in DbQueryFormats. [Core]
  • ParameterPrefix option in DbQueryFormats. [Core]
  • A possibility to mark any condition as "In Join". [Core]
  • A possibility to mark any condition as "Parameterized". [Core]
  • New menu items for each condition: "Toggle parameterization" and "Toggle 'in join' status". [WPF]
  • Improve EqServiceProvider. [ASP.NET, MVC]
  • Refresh method in QueryPanel control. [WebForms]
  • ShowCheckboxes property in QueryPanel control. [WebForms]
  • Now Data Model Editor saves its position on exit and restore on the next launch. [DME]

What's fixed:

  • Data Model Editor now shows MS SQL as the default DB gate.
  • DateTimePicker error for the values with time part. [WebForms]

What's new in JavaScript widgets:

  • SortingBar widget.
  • New configuration of buttons in QueryPanel widget.
  • Options button which allows performing any operation with the condition.
  • Turn condition parameterization on/off.
  • Mark condition as "join condition".

Published: 2017-08-26, Updated: 2017-11-08