DefaultEqAuthProvider class

The default implementation of the Korzh.EasyQuery.Services.IEqAuthProvider interface. Contains several methods which allow to mark some EasyQuery actions as "anonymous" (so they can be accessed by any user) and to restrict the access to them depening on user role.

public class Korzh.EasyQuery.Services.DefaultEqAuthProvider
    : IEqAuthProvider


Type Name Description
Dictionary<String, Func<Boolean>> ActionGuards Contains the dictionary of action guards. Each EasyQuery action has a function (guard) which return true if this action can be accessed by the current user
ClaimsPrincipal User The current user


Type Name Description
DefaultEqAuthProvider AllowAnonymous(String[] actions) Sets anonymous access for the actions specified in the parameter.
void FillDefaultActionGuards() Fills the Korzh.EasyQuery.Services.DefaultEqAuthProvider.ActionGuards list with the default guards. The default setup includes the following 2 rules: 1. All actions requires authorization. 2. NewQuery, SaveQuery and RemoveQuery actions requires also the "EasyQuery Manager" (eqmanager) role.
Func<Boolean> GetAuthorizedGuard() Gets the guard functions which returnc true only if the current user is authenticated.
Func<Boolean> GetGrantAccessForRolesGuard(String[] roles) Gets the guard functions which grants access only for users with the specifeid roles.
DefaultEqAuthProvider GrantAccessForRoles(String action, String[] roles) Grants the access to specified action for one more roles passed in the second parameter.
Task<Boolean> IsAuthorizedAsync(EasyQueryManager eqManager, String action) Determines whether the current user can get access to the the specified action.
DefaultEqAuthProvider RequireAuthorization(String[] actions) Sets the restricted access for the specified actions (only authorized users can access them).
DefaultEqAuthProvider RequireRole(String role, String[] actions) Restricts the access to the actions specified in the second parameter by the user role passed in the first parameter.

Static Fields

Type Name Description
String EqManagerRole The default ID for "EasyQuery Manager" role The user with this role can access the actions which modify queries in the storage.