ObjectGraph<T> class

Represents a graph structure. Each node in graph - is an object of type T.

public class Korzh.EasyQuery.ObjectGraph<T>


Type Name Description
Dictionary<T, T> Parent Gets the graph parent.
T Root Gets or sets the root of the graph.
IEnumerable<T> Vertices Gets the list of all vertices.


Type Name Description
void AddEdge(T vertexFrom, T vertexTo) Adds the edge (a connection between two nodes)
void AddVertex(T vertex) Adds the vertex (node) into the graph.
IDictionary<T, T> BreadthFirstSearch(T vertex) Breadthes-first search in the graph for specified vertex.
void Clear() Clears the graph.
Boolean ContainsVertex(T vertex) Determines whether this graph contains the specified vertex.
T LCA(T vertex1, T vertex2, IEnumerable<T> usedVertices) Calculates Lowest Common Ancestor for 2 vertices
void RemoveVertex(T vertex) Removes the vertex (node) from the graph.