EasyQueryManagerLinq<T> class

Represents an implementation of Korzh.EasyQuery.Services.EasyQueryManager which loads the model from some type and generates LINQ queries.

public class Korzh.EasyQuery.Services.EasyQueryManagerLinq<T>
    : EasyQueryManager


Type Name Description
Func<String, Object> ContextResolver Gets or sets the context resolver - a function which returns some context object by the model ID.


Type Name Description
IQueryable<TEntity> DynamicQuery(IQueryable<TEntity> source, String orderByProperty = null, Boolean descending = False)
IEqResultSet ExecuteQueryCore(JObject options = null) The actual implemenation of ExecuteQuery function. This method generates a LINQ query and executes over the context returned by the context resolver
IDataReader GetDataReader(JObject options = null, Boolean addPaging = False) Gets the data reader by query. This function is called from ExecuteQuery or ExportQueryResult.
IQueryBuilder GetQueryBuilderCore(Query query, JObject options) Returns the query builder. In this particular kind of EasyQueryManager it will be an instance of LinqQueryBuilder.
IEqResultSet GetResultSetByQuery(Query query, Object context, Type resultType = null, JObject options = null) Gets the result set by the query and some context (e.g. DbContext) object. This method generates LINQ query, executes it over specified context and returns the result as DataSet.