ModelReadWriteOptions enum

Represents different options used during data model loading or saving

public enum Korzh.EasyQuery.ModelReadWriteOptions
    : Enum, IComparable, IFormattable, IConvertible


Value Name Description
1 DbInfo Tables, links and other DB specific info will be saved/loaded
2 Operators Include operators when saving or loading the model
4 Editors The value editors will be saved/loaded
8 Entities The entities and their attributes will be saved/loaded
16 AggrFunctions If set - we need to save or load the list of aggregate functions
32 Description The model's description will be saved/loaded
64 DefQueryPath The path to the default query path will be saved/loaded
128 DMEOptions Data Model Editor options will be saved together with the data model
256 DbParams DB connection settings will be saved
512 CustomInfo Whether we need to save or load the model's custom info
1024 ClientSide Using this option means that we are going to create data model's representation for the client-side code. Warning: Don't inlcude this option directly, it's for internal use only. Use ClientSideContent instead
1086 ClientSideContent Represents the default set of options for serializing a JSON representation of the model for the client-side (without all DB-related info)
4095 All All data model parts will be loaded/saved
4096 KeepCurrent If this option is set - then the previous model will not be cleared before the loading of the new one