Operator class

Represents a logical expression or predicate, like comparisions or LIKE predicate.

public class Korzh.EasyQuery.Operator


Type Name Description
String expr


Type Name Description
DataTypeList AppliedTypes Gets the list of applied types for this operator.
String Caption Gets or sets the operator caption.
Boolean CaseInsensitive Gets or sets a value indicating whether the operator is case insensative.
String ConstValueFormat Gets or sets the format of constant values. This property is used to process LIKE and similar operators
Operand DefaultOperand Gets the defaults settings of operator operands.
String DisplayFormat Gets or sets the display format of operator.
String Expr Gets or sets the operator expression.
OperatorGroup Group Gets or sets the group which this operator belongs to.
String ID Gets or sets the operator ID.
Boolean IsCondition Gets or sets a value indicating whether this operator instance represents custom condition.
Boolean IsRange Gets or sets a value indicating whether this operator requires range values so first value must be less than the second one.
String MainText Gets the main part of operator's DisplayFormat (this text will be shown as link in query panel)
String MathSymbol Gets the math symbol which represents operator.
DataModel Model Gets or sets the model.
OperandList Operands Gets the operands for this operator.
Int32 ParamCount Gets the number of parameters which are taken by the operator.


Type Name Description
void CalcParamCount() Calculates the count of the parameters.
Operand GetOperand(Int32 operandIndex) Gets the operand of current operator by its index.
void LoadAttribute(String propname, String propvalue) Loads the attribute.
void LoadFromXmlReader(XmlReader reader) Loads from XML reader.
void LoadNodes(XmlReader reader) Loads the nodes.
void SaveAttributes(XmlWriter writer) Saves the attributes.
void SaveNodes(XmlWriter writer) Saves the nodes.
JsonDict SaveToJsonDict() Saves to dictionary object (for serialization to JSON).
void SaveToXmlWriter(XmlWriter writer) Saves to XML writer.
String ToString() Returns a that represents the current .