Korzh.EasyQuery namespace

AggrFuncExpr class

Represents an expression which is a result of applying some functions to other expressions

AggrFunction class

Represents aggregate function

AggrFunctionList class

Represents list of [Korzh.EasyQuery.AggrFunction](api-reference-4x/korzh-easyquery-namespace/aggrfunction-class) objects

BaseQueryBuilder class

Base class for all query builder classes like .

ChangeType enum

Represents type of change that occured

Column class

Represents some column which will be queried.

ColumnAliasesUsage enum

Represents the conditions when the result SQL should include column aliases.

ColumnList class

Represents a list of columns.

ColumnsChangeEventArgs class

Provides data for [Korzh.EasyQuery.Query.ColumnsChanged](api-reference-4x/korzh-easyquery-namespace/query-class) event

ColumnsChangingEventArgs class

Provides data for [Korzh.EasyQuery.Query.ColumnsChanging](api-reference-4x/korzh-easyquery-namespace/query-class) event

ColumnStore class

Represents list of result columns.

Condition class

Represents one condition in the query.

ConditionList class

Represents list of conditions.

ConditionsChangeEventArgs class

Provides data for [Korzh.EasyQuery.Query.ConditionsChanged](api-reference-4x/korzh-easyquery-namespace/query-class) event

ConditionsStore class

Represents storage of conditions linked to some Query object

ConstExpr class

Represents a constant expression (like: 423 or "Master card").

ConstListValueEditor class

Represents the constant list value editor.

ConstValueItem class

Represents one item in the list of available values for LIST value editor.

ConstValueList class

Represents list of availalbe values. Each item contain the value itself and some caption representing this value.

CustomListValueEditor class

Represents custom (user-defined) list value editor

CustomValueEditor class

Represents custom (user defined) value editor.

DataKind enum

Represents expression kinds.

DataModel class

Represents a data model

DataType enum

Represents the common types of the data.

DataTypeList class

Represents a list of DataType values.

DateTimeValueEditor class

Represents the value editor for date and/or time.

DisplayFormatParser class

Represents a special class used for parsing operator display format values.

EdgeInfo class

Represents edges for entity graph defined through

EditorsMap class

Represents editors map - the list which defines what editor will be used for a particular data type and operator.

EmptyQueryBuilderResult class

Represents a trivial implementation of QueryBuilderResult abstract class which always returns empty statement

EntAttrKind enum

Attribute kind enumeration (Data or Virtual).

Entity class

Represents one entity

EntityAttr class

Represents one entity attribute of data model.

EntityAttrExpr class

An Expression descendant which represents an attribute.

EntityAttrList class

Represents list of entity attributes

EntityAttrProp enum

Represents attribute property used in FindAttribute methods

EntityAttrStore class

Represents entity attributes storage associated with a particular entity.

EntityGraph class

Used to get the name of the collection in context

EntityList class

Represents list of entities

EntityStore class

Represents storage of entities

EOLSymbol enum

Represents the symbol (or symbols) which are used to separate lines in generated SQL statements

EqEntityAttrAttribute class

Provides a general-purpose attribute that lets you specify different options for entity attribute classes.

EqEntityAttribute class

Provides a general-purpose attribute that lets you specify different options for entity classes.

EqExpression class

Represents common expression object.

EqListValueEditorAttribute class

Assigns a "List" value editor for an entity member.

EqVersionInfo class

Static class that holds EasyQuery version info

ExprList class

Represents list of expression objects.

IConditionCreator interface

Represents special interface used for definition new (custom) types of conditions

IDefaultValuesStorage interface

Represents a storage of default values

IExpressionCreator interface

Represents special interface used for definition new (custom) types of expression

IMacroValue interface

Represents one macro value.

IProgressIndicator interface

This interface is used to assign progress indicator for different time-consuming operations

IQueryBuilder interface

Interface IQueryBuilder - represents general-purpose query builder

IValueEditorCreator interface

Internal interface used for definition new (custom) types of value editors

JsonDict class

A shorten form of Dictionary<string, object> type. It used for JSON serialization / deserialization

License class

Static class that holds license key

ListValueEditor class

Represents base abstract type of list value editors.

MacroList class

Represents a list of [Korzh.EasyQuery.IMacroValue](api-reference-4x/korzh-easyquery-namespace/imacrovalue-interface) objects

MacroRequestEventArgs class

Provides data for [Korzh.EasyQuery.DataModel.MacroRequest](api-reference-4x/korzh-easyquery-namespace/datamodel-class) event

NoPathResolution enum

The values of this type will tell Query object how to resolve the situation when two tables does not have a path between them

NotEnoughModelInfo class

ObjectGraph class

Represents a graph structure. Each node in graph - is an object of type T. Properties Methods

ObjectModelType class

Represents a vertex of the entity graph defined in `Korzh.EasyQuery.Linq.Graph`. Used in [Korzh.EasyQuery.DataModel.LoadFromContext(System.Type)](api-reference-4x/korzh-easyquery-namespace/datamodel-class) method

Operand class

Represents one operand in some operator's expression

OperandList class

Represents list of operands.

Operator class

Represents a logical expression or predicate, like comparisions or LIKE predicate.

OperatorGroup class

Represents a group of operators

OperatorGroupList class

Represents list of operator groups

OperatorList class

Represents list of operators.

OperatorStore class

This class represents the list of operators associated with a particular DataModel

OrderByStyles enum

Represents the way fields appear in ORDER BY clause

Predicate class

Represents group of conditions linked by some logical operator (AND or OR).

Query class

Represents internal query structure.

QueryBuilderResult class

Represents the result of query builder work.

QueryFormats class

Represents different formats of statements.

QueryParam class

Represents one parameter in parametrized query statement

QueryParamList class

Represents simple list of [Korzh.EasyQuery.QueryParam](api-reference-4x/korzh-easyquery-namespace/queryparam-class) objects.

QueryTextFormats class

Represents different formats for query text representation

RootEntity class

Represents root entity in the model

ScalarExprOptions enum

Different options used during processing of scalar values

SimpleCondExprList class

Represents list of expression for SimpleCondition object

SimpleCondition class

Represents the default condition with {field} {operator} {value} structure.

SimpleMacroValue class

Represents one macro value.

SortDirection enum

Represents sorting direction.

SortedColumnList class

Represents the list of sorted columns

SortOrderChangedEventArgs class

Provides data for [Korzh.EasyQuery.Query.SortOrderChanged](api-reference-4x/korzh-easyquery-namespace/query-class) event

SqlListValueEditor class

Represents the list [Korzh.EasyQuery.ValueEditor](api-reference-4x/korzh-easyquery-namespace/valueeditor-class).

SqlSyntax enum

Represents types of SQL syntax.

StringExtensions class

Compares two strings case-insatively .

StringTokenizer class

This class allows an application to break a string into tokens.

SubQueryValueEditor class

Represents the subquery value editor.

TextResources class

Manages texts for all EasyQuery Controls visual objects

TextValueEditor class

Represents the simpliest value editor.

TimeMacro class

Represents some date or time macro value ```csharp public class Korzh.EasyQuery.TimeMacro : IMacroValue

### Properties

| Type | Name | Description | 
| --- | --- | --- | 
| `Int32` | Count | Gets the count of values returned by this macro | 
| `DataType` | DataType | Gets macro data type. | 
| `String` | ID | Gets the macro ID. | 
| `String` | Value | Returns the first</p>
<div class="aist-subitem aist-subitem-article">
<h2><a href="https://korzh.com/easyquery/docs/api-reference-4x/korzh-easyquery-namespace/timemacrotype-enum">TimeMacroType enum</a></h2>
<p>Represents some predefined values for TimeMacro
public enum Korzh.EasyQuery.TimeMacroType
    : Enum, IComparable, IFormattable, IConvertible


Value Name Description
0 Today Represents the current date
1 Yesterday Represents the yesterday date
2 Tomorrow Represents the tomorrow date

Utils class

Represents different type conversion functions and other useful procedures

ValueEditor class

Represents an abstract value editor.

ValueEditorEntry class

Represents map between operators and value editors.

ValueEditorsList class

Represents list of value editors

ContextLoadingMapper class

Class ContextLoadingMapper.

EqJsonExtensions class

Converts Dictionary object to JSON

JsonDictConverter class

LinqTypeExtensions class

Determines whether the specified type is enumerable (supports `System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable` interface.

ODataQueryBuilder class

Builds OData expressions

ODataStatement class

Returns the statement (SQL, filter expression, etc - depending on the concrete QueryBuilderResult type).

QueryBuilderError class

SpecialDateTime enum

Represents some predefined "special" date/time values

TypeExtensions class

Determines whether specified property is a primary key.