QueryParam class

Represents one parameter in parametrized query statement

public class Korzh.EasyQuery.QueryParam


Type Name Description
String Caption Gets or sets the caption.
DataType DataType Type of the parameter
String EditorId Gets or sets the default value editor for this parameter
String Id Parameter ID
Boolean IsGenerated Gets a value indicating whether this parameter is generated.
String Value Parameter value
Object ValueAsObject Returns the value of parameter as object (according to DataType).


Type Name Description
void CopyFrom(QueryParam param) Copies all properties of query parameter to another parameter.
void CoreReadXmlAttribute(String attrName, String attrValue) Read one attribute of XML element.
void LoadFromJsonDict(JsonDict paramDict) Loads parameter's properties from some System.Collections.IDictionary object. It's used for deserialization from JSON
void LoadFromXmlReader(XmlReader reader) Loads parameter's properties from XML.
JsonDict SaveToJsonDict(DataModel model) Saves query parameter's properties to Dictionary object (used JSON serialization).
void SaveToXmlWriter(XmlWriter writer) Saves the parameter to XML.