SqlQueryBuilder class

Lets you build SQL commands based on Korzh.EasyQuery.Db.DbQuery object

public class Korzh.EasyQuery.Db.SqlQueryBuilder
    : DbQueryBuilder, IQueryBuilder


Type Name Description
Boolean CanBuild Gets a value indicating whether the query can be built.
SqlStatement Result Gets the result object


Type Name Description
CondSqlGenEventHandler CondSqlGen This event is raised during query building for each condition in the query and it allows you to replace the SQL expression generated for this condition.


Type Name Description
Boolean BuildParamSQL() The same as Korzh.EasyQuery.Db.SqlQueryBuilder.BuildSQL method but generates parametrized SQL expression where all values are replaced by parameters (e.g. @param1). You can access full list of parameters used in generated SQL statement through Query.Params property.
Boolean BuildSQL() Builds the SQL statement.
Boolean BuildSQLEx(String extraColumns, String extraConditions) Builds the SQL with some additional columns and conditions which can be passed in parameters
QueryBuilderResult CreateResult() Creates the result object
String GetParamExpr(String id) Gets the parameter expression.
void OnCondSqlGen(CondSqlGenEventArgs e) Raises the CondSqlGen event.
String ProcessScalarValue(Condition cnd, String value, DataType dataType, ScalarExprOptions exprOptions) Processes scalar value and returns SQL (or some other query language) expression.
void ResetSqlBuilder() Resets the SQL builder.