How to remove "Powered by..." link (full version only)

After purchasing a full version of EasyQuery library you may want to remove “Powered by EasyQuery” link that appears in the bottom-right corner of QueryPanel.

Here are the instructions.

0) Setup full version of EasyQuery

Obvious step but we should mention it. First of all, you need to uninstall the trial version of EasyQuery and install its full version (eqn_asp_full_setup_######.exe file) that you can download from Client Area of web-site.

1) Replace EasyQuery assemblies

Replace all EasyQuery assemblies used in your project by their full versions from. You can find those assemblies in {install dir}\Korzh.NET\Assemblies folder (in its sub-folders to be precise). By default, it's C:\Program Files\Korzh.NET\Assemblies

2) Replace JavaScript files

The same with JavaScript files eq.all.min.js and eq.view.basic.js (or any other eq.view.something.js file) - use the ones from full version. You will find them in {install dir}\Korzh.NET\JS folder

3) Turn off showPoweredBy option

Finally, you need to turn off (set to 'false') showPoweredBy option in QueryPanel widget. You can do directly by calling QueryPanel method for widget's placeholder element or through easyQuerySettings global variable. Example:

window.easyQuerySettings = {
  serviceUrl: "/EasyQuery",
  modelName: "YourModelName", 
  . . . . . . .
  queryPanel: {
  showPoweredBy: false,
  . . . . . .
  . . . . . .