ConditionRow class

Represents one row in Korzh.EasyQuery.Query object.

public class Korzh.EasyQuery.WinForms.ConditionRow
    : XRow

Package: Korzh.EasyQuery.WinForms (targets: net461, net5.0-windows7.0, netcoreapp3.1)

Assembly: Korzh.EasyQuery.WinForms.dll


Name Type Description
ConditionRow(QueryPanel aPanel, Condition aCondition) void Initializes a new instance of the Korzh.EasyQuery.WinForms.ConditionRow class.
ConditionRow(QueryPanel aPanel, Condition aCondition, bool useCheckbox) void Initializes a new instance of the Korzh.EasyQuery.WinForms.ConditionRow class.


Name Type Description
button ConditionRow.ConditionButton Represents button element.


Name Type Description
Condition Condition Gets the Korzh.EasyQuery.Condition connected with the row.


Name Type Description
ApplyElementFormats(XElement element) void Applies formats for one element.
CoreApplyFormats() void Applies the formats used in parent object.
CoreRefreshByCondition() void This method is called when connected Korzh.EasyQuery.Condition is changed and we need to refresh the row accordingly.
FillButtonMenu() void Fills the button menu.
OnEnableChange() void Called when Korzh.EasyQuery.Condition.IsEnabled property is changed.
ResumeRefresh() void Resumes the refresh suppressed by Korzh.EasyQuery.WinForms.ConditionRow.SuppressRefresh method.
SuppressRefresh() void Suppresses the refresh. After this method call the row will not be updated on Korzh.EasyQuery.WinForms.ConditionRow.RefreshByCondition call. To resume refreshing back call Korzh.EasyQuery.WinForms.ConditionRow.ResumeRefresh method