DbColumn class

Represents database table column

public class Korzh.EasyQuery.Db.DbColumn
    : Column


Type Name Description
EntityAttr BaseAttr Gets the entity attribute (Korzh.EasyQuery.EntityAttr object) this column is based on.
DbModel Model Gets or sets the reference to the data model where this column is defined.
SortDirection Sorting Gets or sets the sorting.
TableList UsedTables Gets the used tables.


Type Name Description
void FillTablesList() Fills the list of used tables.
String GetAlias(DbQueryFormats formats) Gets the column alias (for SELECT or ORDER BY clause).
String GetGroupByExpr(DbQueryFormats formats) Gets the column's expression using in GROUP BY clause.
String GetOrderByExpr(DbQueryFormats formats) Gets the columns expression for ORDER BY clause.
String GetSelectExpr(DbQueryFormats formats) Gets the columns expression for SELECT clause.
void RecreateExpression(Int32 tag) Recreates the column expression.
Boolean UseAlias(DbQueryFormats formats) Gets a value indicating whether this column used the alias name or not.