Product/license key

1. What is it

The product (license) key is a kind of a digital key that stores information about your license for EasyQuery and allows you to unlock all the features of this library that are not available in the trial version.

2. How to use

To use the product key, you just need to add the following piece of code somewhere at the beginning of your program (before using EasyQuery for the first time). The most suitable place for that - is the constructor of your Startup class:

public class Startup
    public Startup(IConfiguration configuration) {
        Configuration = configuration;
        Korzh.EasyQuery.License.Key = “Your key goes here”;
		.   .   .   .   .   .   .   

The product key works within one minor version of EasyQuery. For example, the key created for version 4.0.0 will be valid for versions 4.0.1 or 4.0.5, but will not work with version 4.1.0.

Therefore, when updating the version of the library used in your project, remember to replace the key in your program (in the piece of code described above).

To generate a new key, you need:

  • Log in to your account at Client's Area on
  • Go to the Details page for your EasyQuery license (link Details in the license description line)
  • Click the "Get Key" button for the version you need

If there is no the version you need in the list - it means that your software maintenance subscription has expired already and you need to renew it. You can do it on the same page by clicking on the Renew link.

NB: The product key is used in ASP.NET Core edition only

For all other editions, including ASP.NET edition (without Core), you need to download full version of the library and replace the assemblies from the trial version used in your project with their "full" versions.