Korzh.EasyQuery.Linq namespace

ContextLoadingOptions enum

Represents different options used during loading model from context

EntityAttrTypeLoader class

Represents one entity attribute of data model.

EntityLinqExtensions class

EntityTypeLoader class

Loads entity from some type.

FullTextSearchOptions class

Contains options for full text search

LinqBuilderExtensions class

Exposes some extension methods for LINQ querying

LinqQueryBuilder class

Builds Linq expressions

LinqQueryBuilderError class

Class LinqQueryBuilderError.

LinqStatement class

Returns the statement (SQL, filter expression, etc - depending on the concrete QueryBuilderResult type).

MergeTypesStrategy enum

Represents the strategy of merging of two types

ModelLinqExtensions class

Loads model from some type (class). All properties of this class with primitive types will be added as attributes of the root entity. All complex type properties - as sub-entities and so on recursively .

ObjectModelLoader class

Represents a data model

ObjectModelLoaderError class

Exception class for data model errors

PropertyInfoExtensions class

Static class whic contains extension methods for PropertyInfo class