EntityGraph class

public class Korzh.EasyQuery.EntityGraph
    : ObjectGraph<Type>


Type Name Description
Type ContextType
Boolean IsEmpty Returns if this graph is empty; otherwise, .


Type Name Description
String GetCollectionName(Type type) Used to get the name of the collection in context
EdgeInfo GetEdgeInfo(ObjectModelType t1, ObjectModelType t2) Gets the information about some edge in entity graph (see Korzh.EasyQuery.EntityGraph for details).
String GetNavigationPropertyName(Type from, Type to)
void SetCollectionName(Type type, String name)
void SetNavigationPropertyName(Type from, Type to, String name)
void UpdateEntityJoinInfo(Type outerType, Type innerType, String outerPropertyName, String innerPropertyName) Updates the information about some edge (join) in the entity graph. This method adds new edge if it's not defined yet or update the existing one.