ColumnStore class

Represents list of result columns.

public class Korzh.EasyQuery.ColumnStore
    : ColumnList, IList<Column>, ICollection<Column>, IEnumerable<Column>, IEnumerable, IList, ICollection, IReadOnlyList<Column>, IReadOnlyCollection<Column>


Type Name Description
Query parentQuery The reference to parent Query object


Type Name Description
Boolean IsJustSorting Gets a value indicating whether this instance of the column store is used for "just sorting" columns.
Boolean IsUpdating Gets a value indicating whether this Korzh.EasyQuery.ColumnList is updating.
DataModel Model Gets the DataModel object associated with this list
Query ParentQuery Gets the parent query.
SortedColumnList SortedColumns Gets the list of sorted columns.


Type Name Description
ColumnsChangedEventHandler ColumnsChanged Occurs after column list has been changed.
ColumnsChangingEventHandler ColumnsChanging Occurs when columns list is going to be changed.


Type Name Description
void BeginUpdate() Turns on the "updating" state. Any changes occured during this state will not initiate Korzh.EasyQuery.ColumnStore.ColumnsChanged event until Korzh.EasyQuery.ColumnStore.EndUpdate is called.
void ClearItems() Removes all elements from the System.Collections.ObjectModel.Collection'1.
void CoreRefreshParams() Refreshes the list of query parameters by parameters associated with attributes used in query columns .
void EndUpdate() Turns the "updating" state off.
void InsertItem(Int32 index, Column item) Inserts an element into the System.Collections.ObjectModel.Collection'1 at the specified index.
Boolean IsColumnsChangeAccepted(ChangeType what, Column column, Int32 info) Calls ColumnsChanging event and return boolean value that indicates whether the change is accepted.
void LoadFromXmlReader(XmlReader reader) Loads the column list using System.Xml.XmlReader object.
void Move(Int32 index, Int32 newIndex) Moves the specified index of the current.
void OnColumnsChanged(ColumnsChangeEventArgs e) Raises the ColumnsChanged event.
void OnColumnsChanging(ColumnsChangingEventArgs e) Raises the ColumnsChanging event.
void ReadFromJson(JsonReader reader) Loads the column list using Newtonsoft.Json.JsonReader object.
Task ReadFromJsonAsync(JsonReader reader) Loads the column list using Newtonsoft.Json.JsonReader object (asynchronous way).
void RefreshParams()
void RemoveItem(Int32 index) Removes the element at the specified index of the System.Collections.ObjectModel.Collection'1.
void ResyncSortingList(Boolean changeInnerIndex) Resynchronizes the sorting list of columns correspondingly to their order.
void SaveToXmlWriter(XmlWriter writer, String tagName) Saves the column list to XML.
void UpdateModel()
void WriteToJson(JsonWriter writer) Saves the column list using Newtonsoft.Json.JsonWriter object.
Task WriteToJsonAsync(JsonWriter writer) Saves the column list using Newtonsoft.Json.JsonWriter object (asynchronous way).