Previous versions' tutorials (obsolete)

This section contains the tutorials that we written for older versions of EasyQuery and most probably are obsolete now.

Localization of query builder's UI

In this article, you can find two methods of localization of EasyQuery components

Possible ways of data model creation and loading

EasyQuery components need a [data model](/$aid/03bc06b0-83ec-4040-97ef-a50ca004177f) (a user-friendly representation of your DB) for their work. There are several different ways to create the model and load it on your project's startup. This article will describe all of them in detail.

Building dynamic queries with EasyQuery and Entity Framework

Here we describe how EasyQuery helps to implement a query building UI for creating custom, dynamic queries in .NET projects which use Entity Framework (6.x)

Localization of EasyQuery widgets (obsolete)

This article shows how to localize widgets, with extract examples

Dynamic PHP query builder with EasyQuery

Dynamic PHP query builder with EasyQuery

JavaScript widgets formats and settings (MVC version)

In this article, we describe the most common unique settings for EasyQuery JavaScript widgets and give examples of code.

JavaScript widgets formats and settings (Webforms)

How to set up column formats and change default settings of the table.