Predicate class

Represents group of conditions linked by some logical operator (AND or OR).

public abstract class Korzh.EasyQuery.Predicate
    : Condition


Type Name Description
Boolean _isRoot


Type Name Description
ConditionsStore Conditions Gets the conditions.
Boolean IsEmpty Gets a value indicating whether this predicate is empty (zero conditions).
Boolean IsRoot Gets a value indicating whether this predicate is the root predicate in query.
LinkType Linking Gets or sets the linking type.
String LinkingStr Gets or sets the text representation of linking type.
String TypeName Gets the name of the condition type. The same as STypeName but works for one particular instance of SimpleCondition class.


Type Name Description
Predicate AddPredicate(LinkType lnkType) Creates and adds a new predicate into current
SimpleCondition AddSimpleCondition(String attrId, String operatorId, String[] values) Adds a simple condition by attribute ID, operator ID and a list of values
SimpleCondition AddSimpleCondition(EntityAttr attr, Operator op, EqExpression[] exprs) Adds a simple condition by attribute ID, operator ID and a list of values
void BeginUpdate() Starts the update process. OnConditionsChanged event of corresponding Query object is not raised while condition is in update state
void CheckIfEnabled() This procedure is called when Enable state in one of the child conditions was changed.
Boolean ContainsGhosts(Condition& outCond) Determines whether this predicate contains a condition with a "ghost" attribute.
void EndUpdate() Ends the update process. Raises ConditionsChange event if some modification(s) was(were) made during update process.
Condition FindCondByAttr(EntityAttr attr) Finds the condition the by entity attribute set in the left part of this condition.
Boolean GetHaving() Gets a value indicating whether this condition must be placed into HAVING clause in result SQL.
Int32 GetOffspringCount() Gets the number of all offspings of the predicate
String GetPredicateHeader() Gets the predicate header text.
String GetText(QueryTextFormats formats, String levelSpace, String prefix) Returns text representation of condition
IEnumerable<Entity> GetUsedEntities() Gets the list of entities that are used in conditions of this predicate.
void LoadFromJsonDict(JsonDict dictPredicate) Loads condition from IDictionary. Used during loading query from JSON
void LoadFromXmlReader(XmlReader reader) Loads Korzh.EasyQuery.Predicate properties from XML reader.
void Reset() Clears the condition list and resets linking type
void SaveToXmlWriter(XmlWriter writer) Saves root condition group object to XML writer, if the predicate is root. Otherwise calls inherited method.
void SetEnabled(Boolean newValue) Sets the Enabled property.
void SetQuery(Query newQuery) Sets the query object.
void SetReadOnly(Boolean newValue) Sets the ReadOnly property.
void WriteContent(XmlWriter writer) Writes the content of condition to XmlWriter object.
void WriteSubNodesToXml(XmlWriter writer) Writes the sub codnitions to XML.

Static Properties

Type Name Description
String STypeName Gets the name of the S class.