DbTable class

Represents one table in Korzh.EasyQuery.Db.DbModel object which corresponds to some database table

public class Korzh.EasyQuery.Db.DbTable
    : Table, IComparable<Table>


Type Name Description
String FullName Gets the full name of the table.
String Hints Gets or sets the hints of the table.
String Name Gets or sets the name of the table.
Boolean Quote Gets or sets a value indicating whether name of this table should be quoted in SQL expressions.


Type Name Description
String GetCalcAlias() Gets the calculated alias (used when the "alias" field is empty)
String GetFromExpr(DbQueryFormats formats) Gets the full name of the table which is used in FROM clause.
String GetSqlExpr(DbQueryFormats formats) Gets the SQL expression that represents the table in WHERE clause.
String GetSqlName(DbQueryFormats formats) Gets the full DB name that represents the table.
String GetTableClass() Gets the table class (DB or virtual).
String GetTableName() Gets the name of the table.
Boolean NeedQuote(String s) Gets a value indicating whether string should be quoted
void ProcessAttribute(XmlReader reader) Processes one attribute during XML reading.
void SaveAttributes(XmlWriter writer) Saves table properties to System.Xml.XmlWriter object.
String ToString() Returns a that represents the current .