IDataExportSettings interface

Represents some settings used during exporting operations

public interface EasyData.Export.IDataExportSettings

Package: EasyData.Core (targets: netstandard2.0)

Assembly: EasyData.Core.dll


Name Type Description
BeforeRowAdded Func<EasyDataRow, Func<EasyDataRow, Task>, Task>
ColumnFilter Func<EasyDataCol, bool> Filter columns during export
Culture CultureInfo The culture.
Description string The description
IncludeGrandTotals bool
IncludeSubTotals bool
PreserveFormatting bool Gets or sets value indicating whether the exporter shoud preserve the formatting in the original value
RowFilter Func<EasyDataRow, bool> Filter rows during export
ShowColumnNames bool Gets or sets a value indicating whether column names should be included into export result.
ShowDatasetInfo bool Gets or sets value indicating whether title and description will be shown
Title string The title