EasyData namespace

BadJsonFormatException class

Represents an exception which occurs during the reading of the model from JSON

BitOptions class

ColumnAlignment enum

CommonExtensions class

Useful extension methods for EasyQuery's types

ConstListValueEditor class

Represents the constant list value editor.

ConstValueItem class

Represents one item in the list of available values for LIST value editor.

ConstValueList class

Represents list of availalbe values. Each item contain the value itself and some caption representing this value.

CustomListValueEditor class

Represents custom (user-defined) list value editor

CustomValueEditor class

Represents custom (user defined) value editor.

DataType enum

Represents the common types of the data.

DataTypeList class

Represents a list of DataType values.

DataUtils class

Written to replace char in string

DateTimeValueEditor class

Represents the value editor for date and/or time.

EasyDataCol class

EasyDataColDesc class

EasyDataColStyle class

EasyDataResultSet class

EasyDataRow class

EditorTags class

Defines the constants for value editors' tags.

EntityAttrKind enum

Represents an attribute's kind

IDefaultValuesStorage interface

Represents a storage of default values

IEasyDataResultSet interface

Gets columns

IValueEditorCreator interface

Internal interface used for definition new (custom) types of value editors

ListValueEditor class

Represents base abstract type of list value editors.

MetaData class

Read-only constant that represent the latest format version of data model definition JSON files

MetaDataException class

Initializes a new instance of the class.

MetaDataReadWriteOptions class

Represents different options used during meta data loading or saving

MetaEntity class

Represents one entity

MetaEntityAttr class

Represents one entity attribute of data model.

MetaEntityAttrDescriptor class

MetaEntityAttrList class

Represents list of entity attributes

MetaEntityAttrStore class

Represents entity attributes storage associated with a particular entity.

MetaEntityList class

Represents list of entities

MetaEntityStore class

Represents storage of entities

StringExtensions class

Gets the second part of the string divided by separator. If the separator is not included - the whole string is returned.

TextValueEditor class

Represents the simpliest value editor.

ValueEditor class

Represents an abstract value editor.

ValueEditorException class

Represents errors that occur during some operation with a value editor. Implements the `System.Exception`

ValueEditorList class

Represents list of value editors

ValueEditorStore class

Represents the list of value editors which belongs to some DataModel object. Implements the [EasyData.ValueEditorList](api-reference/easydata-core/easydata-namespace/valueeditorlist-class)