DataType enum

Represents the common types of the data.

public enum EasyData.DataType
    : Enum

Package: EasyData.Core (targets: netstandard2.0)

Assembly: EasyData.Core.dll


Name Value Description
Unknown 0 Unknown type value
String 1 String value
Byte 2 8-bit integer value
Word 3 16-bit integer value
Int32 4 32-bit integer value
Int64 5 64-bit integer value
Bool 6 Boolean value
Float 7 Floating-point numeric value
Currency 8 Money value
BCD 9 Binary-coded decimal value
Date 10 Date value
Time 11 Time value
DateTime 12 Date and time value
Autoinc 13 Autoincrement 32-bit integer value
Memo 14 MEMO value (text with unlimited length)
Blob 15 BLOB value (any data with unlimited length)
FixedChar 16 Fixed character value
Guid 17 The unique identifier
Geometry 18 Any geometry data
Geography 19 Any data that represents some geography objects