DbUtils class

Different utilties for database-oriented operations For internal use only

public static class Korzh.EasyQuery.Db.DbUtils

Static Fields

Type Name Description
Dictionary<String, Boolean> sqlReservedKeywords

Static Methods

Type Name Description
Boolean ContainNonAlphaSymbols(String s)
Boolean ContainsAggregateFunctions(String sqlExpr) Determines whether SQL expression passed in parameter contains aggregate functions.
DbType DataTypeToDbType(DataType dt) Converts DataType enum value to corresponding DbType
DataType EdmxTypeToDataType(String edmxType) Converts type form EDMX file into DataType enumeration.
Boolean IsNonAlphaSymbol(Char c)
Boolean IsSQLKeyWord(String s)
Boolean NeedQuoting(String s)
DataType SqlServerTypeToDataType(String sqlType) Converts SQL Server data types to DataType enumeration.