Korzh.EasyQuery namespace

AggrFuncExpr class

Represents an expression which is a result of applying some functions to other expressions

AggrFuncExpr.ArgStore class

Represents the list of aggregate function arguments

AggrFunction class

Represents aggregate function

AggrFunctionDescriptor struct

Defines a structure that "describes" an aggregate function

AggrFunctionList class

Represents the list of [Korzh.EasyQuery.AggrFunction](api-reference/korzh-easyquery/korzh-easyquery-namespace/aggrfunction-class) objects

BadJsonFormatException class

Represents an exception which occurs during the reading of the model from JSON

ChangeType enum

Represents type of change that occured

ColumnDescriptor struct

Contains descriptor for creating column.

CommonExtensions class

Useful extension methods for EasyQuery's types

Condition class

Represents one condition in the query.

Condition.LinkType enum

Represents type of linking of conditions in group

ConditionExprList class

Represents list of expression for SimpleCondition object

ConditionList class

Represents a list of conditions.

ConditionsChangeEventArgs class

Provides data for [Korzh.EasyQuery.Query.ConditionsChanged](api-reference/korzh-easyquery/korzh-easyquery-namespace/query-class) event

ConditionsStore class

Represents a list of conditions linked to some Query object

ConditionTag enum

Represents a type of condition. Current we have 2 possible types: a simple condition or a a group of conditions

ConstExpr class

Represents a constant expression (like: 423 or "Master card").

ConstListValueEditorXmlSerializer class

CustomListValueEditorXmlSerializer class

CustomValueEditorXmlSerializer class

DataKind enum

Represents expression kinds.

DataModel class

Represents a data model

DataModel.Error class

Exception class for data model errors

DataModel.TypeOperatorEntry class

Represents one entry in TypeOperatorMap array.

DataModel.TypeOperatorMap class

Represents a map between the types and operators.

DataModelXmlSerializer class

DateTimeValueEditorXmlSerializer class

DisplayFormatParser class

Represents a special class used for parsing operator display format values.

DisplayFormatParser.TokenType enum

Represents type of the token.

DrillDownStore class

EdgeInfo class

Represents edges for entity graph defined in some [Korzh.EasyQuery.ObjectGraph`1](api-reference/korzh-easyquery/korzh-easyquery-namespace/objectgraph-t--class) object

EditorsMap class

Represents editors map - the list which defines what editor will be used for a particular data type and operator.

EmptyQueryBuilderResult class

Represents a trivial implementation of QueryBuilderResult abstract class which always returns empty statement

Entity class

Represents one entity

EntityAttr class

Represents one entity attribute of data model.

EntityAttrDescriptor class

EntityAttrExpr class

An EqExpression descendant that represents an entity attribute.

EntityAttrStore class

EntityAttrXmlSerializer class

EntityAttrXmlSerializer class

EntityGraph class

Represents the entity graph created during the loading of the model from some context type Implements the [Korzh.EasyQuery.ObjectGraph`1](api-reference/korzh-easyquery/korzh-easyquery-namespace/objectgraph-t--class)

EntityStore class

EntityXmlSerializer class

EqEditorTags class

Represents a list value editor which takes the value from DB via some SQL SELECT statement

EqEntityAttrAttribute class

Provides a general-purpose attribute that lets you specify different options for entity attribute classes.

EqEntityAttribute class

Provides a general-purpose attribute that lets you specify different options for entity classes.

EqExpression class

Represents common expression object.

EqExpressionException class

Represents errors that occur during expressions processing

EqListValueEditorAttribute class

Assigns a "List" value editor for an entity member.

EqValueEditorCreator class

EqVersionInfo class

ExprList class

Represents list of expression objects.

ExprTag class

Contains several constant definitions for expressions tag

IColumnDescriptor interface

Contains descriptor for creating column.

IDataModelSerializer interface

IExpressionCreator interface

Represents special interface used for definition new (custom) types of expression

IMacroValue interface

Represents one macro value.

IProgressIndicator interface

This interface is used to assign progress indicator for different time-consuming operations

IQueryBuilder interface

Interface IQueryBuilder - represents general-purpose query builder

IQueryStatement interface

Represents the result of query builder's work.

License class

The license key

ListValueEditorXmlSerializer class

ListValueEditorXmlSerializer class

MacroList class

Represents a list of [Korzh.EasyQuery.IMacroValue](api-reference/korzh-easyquery/korzh-easyquery-namespace/imacrovalue-interface) objects

MacroRequestEventArgs class

Provides data for [Korzh.EasyQuery.DataModel.MacroRequest](api-reference/korzh-easyquery/korzh-easyquery-namespace/datamodel-class) event

ModelReadWriteOptions class

Represents different options used during data model loading or saving

NoPathResolution enum

The values of this type will tell Query object how to resolve the situation when two tables does not have a path between them

NotEnoughModelInfo class

Represents an exactpion that occurs on query building if the information from the data model is not enought to build a proper SQL

ObjectGraph class

Represents a graph structure. Each node in graph - is an object of type T.

ObjectModelType class

Represents a vertex of the entity graph defined in `Korzh.EasyQuery.Linq.Graph`. Used in [Korzh.EasyQuery.DataModel.LoadFromContext(System.Type)](api-reference/korzh-easyquery/korzh-easyquery-namespace/datamodel-class) method

ODataQueryBuilder class

Builds OData expressions

ODataStatement class

Represents the result of ODataQueryBuilder's work. Implements the [Korzh.EasyQuery.QueryStatement](api-reference/korzh-easyquery/korzh-easyquery-namespace/querystatement-class)

Operand class

Represents one operand in some operator's expression

OperandList class

Represents list of operands.

OperandXmlSerializer class

Operator class

Represents a logical expression or "predicate". For example: "less than", "is equal to", "starts with".

OperatorGroup class

Represents a group of operators

OperatorGroupKind enum

Represents different groups of operators

OperatorGroupList class

Represents list of operator groups

OperatorList class

Represents list of operators.

OperatorStore class

This class represents the list of operators associated with a particular DataModel

OperatorXmlSerializer class

OperatorXmlSerializer class

ParentColumnExpr class

Represents a parent-column expression.

ParentEntityAttrExpr class

Represents parent entity attribute expression

Query class

Represents internal query structure.

Query.Error class

Query exception class.

QueryBuilderError class

Represents any other error that occurs during the query building

QueryBuilderOptions class

Contains differrent options for QueryBuilder

QueryColumn class

Represents some column which will be queried.

QueryColumnChangingEventArgs class

Provides data for [Korzh.EasyQuery.Query.ColumnsChanging](api-reference/korzh-easyquery/korzh-easyquery-namespace/query-class) event

QueryColumnList class

Represents a list of columns.

QueryColumnsChangeEventArgs class

Provides data for [Korzh.EasyQuery.Query.ColumnsChanged](api-reference/korzh-easyquery/korzh-easyquery-namespace/query-class) event

QueryColumnStore class

Represents list of result columns.

QueryException class

QueryExpr class

Represents a sub-query expression

QueryParam class

Represents one parameter in parametrized query statement

QueryParamList class

Represents simple list of [Korzh.EasyQuery.QueryParam](api-reference/korzh-easyquery/korzh-easyquery-namespace/queryparam-class) objects.

QueryParamListXmlSerializer class

QueryReadWriteOptions class

Only conditions will be loaded/saved

QueryStatement class

Represents the result of query builder's work.

QueryTextFormats class

Represents different formats for query text representation

QueryTextFormats.HtmlFormats class

Represents different parameters of HTML formatting for query text representation

ScalarExprOptions enum

Different options used during processing of scalar values

SimpleMacroValue class

Represents one macro value.

SortDirection enum

Represents sorting direction.

SortedColumnList class

Represents the list of sorted columns

SortOrderChangedEventArgs class

Provides data for [Korzh.EasyQuery.Query.SortOrderChanged](api-reference/korzh-easyquery/korzh-easyquery-namespace/query-class) event

SpecialDateTime enum

Represents some predefined "special" date/time values

SqlListValueEditor class

Represents the list [EasyData.ValueEditor](api-reference/easydata-core/easydata-namespace/valueeditor-class).

SqlListValueEditorXmlSerializer class

SqlSyntax enum

Represents types of SQL syntax.

StringExtensions class

Useful extension methods for strings

StringTokenizer class

This class allows an application to break a string into tokens.

StringTokenizer.TokenType enum

Represents the types of tokens. Used in [Korzh.EasyQuery.StringTokenizer](api-reference/korzh-easyquery/korzh-easyquery-namespace/stringtokenizer-class) class

SubQueryValueEditor class

Represents the subquery value editor.

TextResources class

Manages texts for all EasyQuery Controls visual objects

TextValueEditorXmlSerializer class

TypeExtensions class

Contains several useful extensions for reflection types and structures.

Utils class

Represents different type conversion functions and other useful procedures

ValueEditorEntry class

Represents map between operators and value editors.

ValueEditorXmlSerializer class

ValueEditorXmlSerializer class

XmlSerializer class

XmlSerializer class

XmlSerializerFactory class