EntityAttr class

Represents one entity attribute of data model.

public class Korzh.EasyQuery.EntityAttr
    : IComparable<EntityAttr>


Type Name Description
Operator _defaultOperator The default operator
Boolean _isGhost
Entity entity
String expr Attribute expression
EntAttrKind kind Attribute kind.


Type Name Description
String Caption Gets or sets the entityAttr attribute caption.
String ColumnName Gets or sets the name of the column associated with property (in EntityFramework context definition).
String CustomFunc Gets or sets the custom function.
DataType DataType Gets or sets the type of data represented by attribute.
ValueEditor DefaultEditor Gets or sets the default value editor.
String Description Gets or sets the description of entity attribute.
EditorsMap Editors Gets the editors map.
Entity Entity Gets or sets the entity.
String Expr Gets or sets the attribute expression.
String FullExpr Gets the full expression of entity attribute.
String ID Gets or sets the ID.
Boolean IsGhost Gets a value indicating whether this is a "ghost attribute" - an attribute which was not found in the model.
Boolean IsNullable
EntAttrKind Kind Gets or sets the attribute kind.
EntityAttr LookupAttr Gets the lookup attribute.
DataModel Model Gets the model.
OperatorList Operations Gets the list of operators which can be applied for this attribute.
QueryParamList Params The parameters associated with this entity attribute
PropertyInfo PropInfo Gets or sets the property information.
String PropName Gets or sets the name of the property.
Int64 Size Gets or sets the size of data represented by attribute.
Boolean UseInConditions Gets or sets a value indicating whether the attribute can be used in query conditions.
Boolean UseInResult Gets or sets a value indicating whether the attribute can be used in result columns (SELECT clause).
Boolean UseInSorting Gets or sets a value indicating whether the attribute can be used in sorting.
Object UserData Gets or sets the user data object assosiated with attribute.


Type Name Description
void AddParamsTo(QueryParamList prms)
void CheckModel() Checks the Model property and raises an exception if it's null.
void CopyFrom(EntityAttr attr) Copies all attribute's properties from another entity attribute
void ExtractParams() Parse attribute's expression and extract all parameters (like @Param1) used there.
void FillOperatorsWithDefaults(DataModel model) Fills the operators list with default operators depending of attribute type.
String GetDataAttrFullExpr() Gets full expression of the entity attribute.
Operator GetDefaultOperator() Gets the default operator (usually it is first operator in Operations list).
ValueEditor GetValueEditor(Operator op, Int32 operandIndex) Gets the most suitable value editor for this attribute and operator.
Boolean HasParams() Determines whether this attribute has parameters in its expression.
void LoadAttribute(String propname, String propvalue) Loads the attribute.
void LoadFromXmlReader(XmlReader reader) Loads attribute from XML reader.
void LoadNodes(XmlReader reader) Loads the sub-nodes of entity attribute's node.
void OnModelAssignment() Called when model is assigned.
void ProcessVirtualExpr() Scans attribute's expression for new parameters, tables, etc
void SaveToJsonDict(JsonDict dict) Saves attribute properties to Dictionary object (used for serialization to JSON).
void SaveToXmlWriter(XmlWriter writer) Saves Korzh.EasyQuery.EntityAttr to XML writer.
void SaveXmlAttributes(XmlWriter writer) Saves the attributes to XML writer.
void SaveXmlNodes(XmlWriter writer) Saves the nodes to XML writer.
void SetDefaultOperator(Operator op) Sets the default operator.

Static Methods

Type Name Description
EntAttrKind StrToEntAttrKind(String s) Converts string representation of attribute kind to EntAttrKind value.