Version 5.x release notes

EasyQuery.NET 5.4.1 + EasyQuery.JS 6.1.0 release notes

Better performance It takes less time and memory for the new grid to render the same amount of data. It's easier now to define the styles for different parts of the grid and to set custom styles for each column or even for a particular cell. The code of our new grid was moved to a separate NPM package ( @easydata/ui ) and so, can be used even without EasyQuery at all. This new widget allows us to define different views for your result set. As already said, our server-side API code (EasyQuery middleware for .NET Core and WebAPI controller for .NET 4.x) was updated to support the new data format and other changes in EasyQuery.JS 6.1.0 Version 5.4.1 also includes a possibility to save/load queries to/from the files on the visitor's computer.

Version 5.3 + EasyQuery.JS 6.0 release notes

The biggest change in this release is a new major update (version 6.0) of JavaScript library (EasyQuery.JS) used with ASP.NET or ASP.NET Core editions of EasyQuery. Version 5.3 of EasyQuery contains rather small improvements in the core libraries and all .NET editions. Community edition packages include @easyquery/core , @easyquery/ui . All license owners of EasyQuery for ASP.NET or EasyQuery for ASP.NET Core automatically got a license for EasyQuery.JS as well. to set your key, now for ASP.NET Core edition it will be Respectively, you should use Korzh.EasyQuery.AspNet...

Version 5.2 release notes

Version 5.2 of EasyQuery not only brings some improvements to the .NET Core edition, it;s also the first release of 5.x branch for all other editions of EasyQuery which uses on .NET Framework 4.x and still were on 3.x branch until now: WinForms, WPF and ASP.NET 4 editions. There are 2 big changes in ASP.NET edition of EasyQuery which affects your MVC project when you upgrade to EasyQuery version 5.2.0 or higher. Starting from version 5.2.0 EasyQuery for ASP.NET uses the latest version of the client-side library (EasyQuery.JS 5.1.8 for now) which is the same that is used in ASP.NET Core edition. The same as for MVC applications, for WebForms we now use the latest version of EasyQuery.JS library on the client-side and a WebAPI controller on the server-side. Bug fixed: Disabled columns were included into GROUP BY section Bug fixed in WPF edition: Empty column title on edit Bug fixed in WPF edition: Wrong behavior of "Duplicate condition" operation If you are upgrading from version 5.x for ASP.NET Core - you just need to change the version numbers of all EasyQuery NuGet packages you are using to 5.2.0 and the version of the EasyQuery script files (or NPM packages) to 5.1.8 NB : For the users of EasyQuery script bundles (like eq.all.min.js ) published on our CDN You will also need to modify the full path to the EasyQuery classes and add ui namespace to it.

Version 5.1 release notes

Version 5.1 is a minor update to version 5.0 which fixes several small bugs and brings few new classes to support authentication/authorization procedures for EasyQuery middleware actions. Core library 1. IEqAuthProvider interface Version 5.1 introduces IEqAuthProvider interface which defines the structure of the authentication provider class

Version 5.0 release notes

Version 5.0 is a completely rewritten major update of EasyQuery which now can be used in any ASP.NET Core (version 2.0 and higher) project and with almost any frontend platform (MVC, Razor pages, Angular, React, Vue, etc). There are a lot of changes both on the server-side part and in the client-side library (EasyQuery.JS). Below we will describe the most important ones: Core library