AggrFuncExpr class

Represents an expression which is a result of applying some functions to other expressions

public abstract class Korzh.EasyQuery.AggrFuncExpr
    : EqExpression


Type Name Description
Boolean distinct Indicates whether all entries of the result must be different
AggrFunction function The function of Korzh.EasyQuery.AggrFuncExpr


Type Name Description
EqExpression Argument Gets or sets the main argument.
String CustomFunc Gets the custom func for expression if defined
DataType DataType Gets or sets the data type.
Boolean Distinct Gets or sets a value indicating whether this AggrFuncExpr has "DISTINCT" attribute.
AggrFunction Function Gets or sets the function.
String Text Gets the expression text.
String Value Gets or sets the expression value.


Type Name Description
void AssignExpr(EqExpression expr) Assigns some expression to this one. For AggrFuncExpr class this method assigns the Expression object passed in parameter to Argument property
void AttachArgument(EqExpression argument)
void DetachArgument(EqExpression argument)
void LoadFromJsonDict(JsonDict dict) Loads expression from IDictionary object (used when we load query from JSON).
void LoadFromXmlReader(XmlReader reader) Loads expression from XML.
void SaveToJsonDictCore(JsonDict dict) Saves expression's properties to dictionary (used to serialize expression into JSON) This is an abstract method which should be overridden in descendant classes.
void SaveToXmlWriter(XmlWriter writer, String tagName) Saves expression to XML writer.
void SetContentSilent(String val, String txt) Sets the content of the expression silently (without calling ContentChanged event).