EqServiceProviderDb class

Class EqServiceProviderDb. Provides basic functionality for building EasyQuery service to process AJAX requests from EasyQuery JavaScript widgets. Can be used to create MVC controller, WebService class or WebAPI controller

public class Korzh.EasyQuery.Services.EqServiceProviderDb
    : EqServiceProvider


Type Name Description
DbConnection Connection Gets or sets the connection used to execute SQL statements.
Func<DbConnection> ConnectionResolver
DbQueryFormats Formats Gets or sets the formats passed to Korzh.EasyQuery.Db.SqlQueryBuilder before SQL generation.
Boolean LoadModelFromConnection Gets or sets a value indicating whether the default model loader should try to load model from connection.
Action<DbCommand> SqlCommandPreExecute Gets or sets the function which is called before execution of some DbCommand.


Type Name Description
QueryBuilderResult BuildQuery(Query query, JsonDict optionsDict = null, Boolean addPaging = False) Builds SQL statement by the DbQuery object. This methods calls QueryBuilder delegate to build SQL.
void CheckConnection() Checks whether the connection defined in Korzh.EasyQuery.Services.EqServiceProviderDb.Connection property is not null. Opens the connection if it's not opened yet.
DataModel CreateModel()
Query CreateQuery() Creates new DbQuery object.
QueryFormats CreateQueryFormats()
void DefaultModelLoader(DataModel model, String modelId) Default implementation of the model loader .
IEqResultSet ExecuteQueryCore(Query query, JsonDict optionsDict = null)
IEqResultSet GetEmptyResultSet() Gets any empty result set.
IEnumerable<ListItem> GetListCore(ListRequestOptions options) Returns list of values by its name. This method is usually called by GetList action of EasyQueryController.
IEqResultSet GetResultSetBySql(String sql, QueryParamList queryParams = null) Creates and returns a ResultSet object by SQL statement.