DbQuery class

Represents query for building SQL command

public class Korzh.EasyQuery.Db.DbQuery
    : Query


Type Name Description
TableList ExtraTables Gets the list of "extra" tables (the tables which will be included into result query by user request).
NoPathResolution NoPathResolution Get or set the type of reaction for the situation when two tables have no path between them
SqlExtraClauses Options Gets the Korzh.EasyQuery.Db.SqlExtraClauses object which defines some extra clauses of generated query.
IEnumerable<Column> ResultColumns Gets the full list of columns which will be returned in result query. It equals to Columns list if it's not empty. Otherwise - it's an array of all fields from all tables taking part in this query (like SELECT * in SQL).


Type Name Description
CondSqlGenEventHandler CondSqlGen This event is raised during query building for each condition in the query and it allows you to replace the SQL expression generated for this condition.


Type Name Description
void CheckModelObject(DataModel model) Checks if model object has appropriate type and raise exception if not
void CoreClear() Clears all query content. Can be overriden in derived classes.
AggrFuncExpr CreateAggrFuncExpr(DataModel model, String funcID, EqExpression argExpr) Creates the aggregate function expression.
Column CreateColumn() Creates the column.
EntityAttrExpr CreateEntityAttrExpr(DataModel model, EntityAttr attr) Creates the entity attribute expression.
QueryFormats CreateFormats() Gets the formats of generated query language (SQL or other).
EntityAttrExpr CreateParentEntityAttrExpr(DataModel model, EntityAttr attr) Creates the parent entity attribute expression.
Predicate CreatePredicate() Creates a new predicate.
SimpleCondition CreateSimpleCondition() Creates the simple condition.
Query CreateSubQuery() Creates the subquery.
Entity GetParentQueryRootEntity() Gets the entities from parent query.
List<DbEntity> GetUsedEntities() Gets the list of used entities.
TableList GetUsedTables() Gets the used tables.
void LoadNode(XmlReader reader, RWOptions rwOptions) Loads the root node.
DataModel NewModel() Creates a new model (an object of DataModel class or its descendant).
Boolean OnCondSqlGen(CondSqlGenEventArgs e) Raises the CondSqlGen event.
void SaveNodes(XmlWriter writer, RWOptions rwOptions) Saves the root nodes.