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Version 7.0 release notes

Version 7.0 is a major update of both EasyQuery.NET and EasyQuery.JS. We skipped version 6.x for EasyQuery.NET (the previous was 5.4.x) to sync it with the latest version number of EasyQuery.JS and so, to make it clear that version 7.0 of the scripts requires version 7.0 of the server-side packages. The API endpoints for some actions were renamed in the new version. Provided that they both have the same version 7.0.x One of the most expected features implemented in 7.0 was an ability to set the formatting for the result set data. So, with version 7.0 the best approach will be to create an instance of some EasyQueryManager class descendant (for example, EasyQueryManagerSql ) that is the most suitable for your scenario and use its methods and properties for all necessary operations.

Version 5.x release notes

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Version 4.x release notes

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