SimpleCondition class

Represents the default condition with structure.

public abstract class Korzh.EasyQuery.SimpleCondition
    : Condition


Type Name Description
EqExpression BaseExpr Gets or sets the base expression of the condtion.
Operand DefaultOperand Gets the default operand.
SimpleCondExprList Expressions Gets the list of all expressions used in condition. First expression in the list is base expression.
Operator Operator Gets or sets the operator used in this condition.
String TypeName Gets the name of the condition type. The same as STypeName but works for one particular instance of SimpleCondition class.


Type Name Description
void AdjustOperator() Adjusts the operator by base expression.
void AttachExpr(EqExpression expr) Attaches the handler for expression's OnContentChange event to DoExprContentChanged method
EqExpression CreateValueExpr(Int32 index) Creates the value expression.
EqExpression CreateValueExprByOperand(Operand opnd) Creates a value expression by operand.
void DetachExpr(EqExpression expr) Detaches the handler for expression's OnContentChange event
void DoExprContentChanged(Object sender, EventArgs e) Does the expr changed.
EntityAttr GetBaseAttr() Gets the base entity attribute for this condition.
Operand GetOperand(Int32 index) Gets the condition operand based on its index. Index 0 stands for an attribute
String GetText(QueryTextFormats formats, String levelSpace, String prefix) Returns text representation of condition
IEnumerable<Entity> GetUsedEntities() Gets the list of all entities used in condition.
void LoadFromJsonDict(JsonDict dictCond) Loads condition from IDictionary. Used during loading query from JSON
void LoadFromXmlReader(XmlReader reader) Loads Korzh.EasyQuery.SimpleCondition properties from XML reader.
EqExpression RecreateValueExpr(Int32 index) Recreates the value expression.
void SetOperator(Operator newOperator) Sets the operator.
void SetOperatorSilent(Operator newOperator) Sets the operator in "silent" mode (no event is raised, no expression is adjusted).
void SetValueExpr(Int32 index, EqExpression expr) Sets the value expression.
void WriteContent(XmlWriter writer) Writes the content of condition to XmlWriter object.

Static Properties

Type Name Description
String STypeName Gets the name of the condition type used for saving to XML.