ListXElement class

Used for picking a value from the list

public class Korzh.EasyQuery.Wpf.ListXElement
    : XElement

Package: Korzh.EasyQuery.Wpf (targets: net461, net5.0-windows7.0, netcoreapp3.1)

Assembly: Korzh.EasyQuery.WPF.dll


Name Type Description
ListXElement() void Initializes a new instance of the System.Windows.Controls.Control class.


Name Type Description
_sql string Holds current SQL statement


Name Type Description
Condition Condition Gets or sets the condition.
Items ValueItemList Gets or sets the items.


Name Type Description
ListRequest ListXElement.ListRequestEventHandler Occurs when list should be filled by user.


Name Type Description
OnApplyTemplate() void When overridden in a derived class, is invoked whenever application code or internal processes call System.Windows.FrameworkElement.ApplyTemplate.
ParseXmlNode(XmlNode node) void Parses the XML node.

Static Fields

Name Type Description
ItemsProperty DependencyProperty Identifies the Korzh.EasyQuery.Wpf.ListXElement.Items dependency property
ListRequestEvent RoutedEvent Identifies the Korzh.EasyQuery.Wpf.ListXElement.ListRequest routed event