Operand class

Represents one operand in some operator's expression

public class Korzh.EasyQuery.Operand


Type Name Description
String _defaultValue
Int32 index The index of operand (starts from 1)


Type Name Description
DataType DataType Gets or sets the type of the data.
String DefaultText Gets the text for default operand value.
String DefaultValue Gets or sets the default value for this operand.
ValueEditor Editor Gets or sets the value editor associated with this operand.
DataKind Kind Gets or sets the kind of operand (scalar, list, etc)
DataModel Model Gets or sets the model.
String Name Gets or sets the name of operand.


Type Name Description
void LoadFromXmlReader(XmlReader reader) Loads operand properties from XML reader.
void LoadNodes(XmlReader reader) Loads the nodes.
void ReadFromJson(JsonReader reader) Reads all operand's properties from JSON.
Task ReadFromJsonAsync(JsonReader reader) Reads all operand's properties from JSON (asynchronous way).
void SaveToXmlWriter(XmlWriter writer) Saves operand content to to XML writer.
String ToString() Returns a System.String that represents this instance.
void WriteToJson(JsonWriter writer) Writes operand's content to JSON.
Task WriteToJsonAsync(JsonWriter writer) Writes operand's content to JSON (asynchronous way).