Getting Started

Version 5.x

This section contains all getting started articles for the version 5.x branch of EasyQuery for .NET Core.

Please note if you have a project for .NET Framework (version 4.x or earlier) - please look at the articles in -Version 3.x- section.

Version 3.x

Contains the "getting started" articles for version 3.x branch of EasyQuery. This section includes the tutorials for Windows Forms, WPF, WebForms and old ASP.NET MVC (not Core) editions of the library.

Product/license key

Here we describe how to apply the product key that you get after purchasing the license and which allows you to unlock all the features of EasyQuery library.

Creating new data model using Data Model Editor

This article will guide you through all steps necessary to create your first data model based on your database.

Version 4.x (obsolete)

Getting started articles for the old version (4.x) of EasyQuery for .NET Core