Column class

Represents some column which will be queried.

public class Korzh.EasyQuery.Column


Type Name Description
String _caption Column caption
Boolean distinct A field that indicates whether this Column must be marked as DISTINCT in result SQL statement.
Int32 innerSortIndex
Boolean needAliasRegeneration Indicates whether alias should be recreated
QueryParamList Params The parameters associated with this column
ColumnStore parent Parent columns storage.
SortDirection sorting Column sorting direction


Type Name Description
String Alias Gets or Sets the column alias.
Boolean AllowSorting Gets a value indicating whether this column can be sorted.
EntityAttr BaseAttr Gets the entity attribute (EntityAttr object) this column is based on.
String Caption Gets or sets the column caption.
Boolean Distinct Gets or sets a value indicating whether this Column must be marked as DISTINCT in result SQL statement.
EqExpression Expr Gets or sets the column expression.
String ExprType Gets or sets the type name of the expression.
Int32 Index Gets the index of column in column list.
Boolean IsAggregate Gets a value indicating whether this Korzh.EasyQuery.Column is aggregate.
Boolean IsJustSorting Gets a value indicating whether this column is just sorting one (will not be shown in query result).
DataModel Model Gets or sets the reference to the data model where this column is defined.
ColumnStore Parent Gets or sets the parent columns storage.
Query ParentQuery Gets the parent query.
Boolean ReadOnly Gets or sets a value indicating whether this columns marked as read only.
Int32 SortIndex Gets or sets the index of the column in the sorting list. Is used to load the column from XML.
SortDirection Sorting Gets or sets the sorting direction.
Type SystemType Gets the system type of this column.
String UserData Gets or sets users data for the column


Type Name Description
EventHandler ColumnChanged Indicates that column was changed.


Type Name Description
void CheckDataModel() Checks the data model object. Generates an exception if Model property has null value.
void CheckForParams() Checks if the attribute associated with this column contains parameters and (if yes) - calls Korzh.EasyQuery.Query.RefreshParams method.
void ExprChangeHandler(Object sender, EventArgs e) Expression's Change event handler.
EntityAttr GetAttribute() Gets the attribute associated with this column
Int32 GetHashCode() Returns hash code for column
void LoadFromJsonDict(JsonDict colDict) Loads column's properties from some System.Collections.IDictionary object. It's used for deserialization from JSON
void LoadFromXmlReader(XmlReader reader) Loads Korzh.EasyQuery.Column definition from XML.
void OnColumnChanged(Int32 part) Raises the ColumnChanged event.
Boolean OnColumnChanging(Int32 part) Called when the column is about to change.
void RecreateExpression(String type) Recreates the column expression.
void RegenerateCaption() Regenerates the column caption.
JsonDict SaveToJsonDict() Saves column properties into some System.Collections.IDictionary object. It's useful for JSON serialization
void SaveToXmlWriter(XmlWriter writer) Saves the column definition to XML.