GdtResultSet class

Represents a result set which can be easly convertend into Google's DataTable format

public class Korzh.EasyQuery.Services.GdtResultSet
    : IEqResultSet


Type Name Description
Boolean IsDataFillStarted Indicates whether the data filling process has started already.


Type Name Description
IList<GdtColumn> Cols Gets the columns.
Int32 ColumnCount Gets the number of columns.
Int64 RecordCount Gets or sets the record count.
IList<GdtRow> Rows Gets the rows.


Type Name Description
void AddColumn(String columnId, String title, Type columnType) Adds the column.
Boolean ContainsTime(DateTime dt) Determines whether the specified DateTime object contains time (the time part differs from 0:00)
String GetGoogleTypeBySystemType(Type systemType) Converts the system type to the type identified compatible with Google's DataTable.