EntityAttrExpr class

An EqExpression descendant that represents an entity attribute.

public class Korzh.EasyQuery.EntityAttrExpr
    : EqExpression

Package: Korzh.EasyQuery (targets: netstandard2.0)

Assembly: Korzh.EasyQuery.dll


Name Type Description
EntityAttrExpr(DataModel model, EntityAttr attr) void


Name Type Description
Attribute EntityAttr Gets or sets the attribute.
CustomFunc string Gets the custom func for expression if defined
DataType DataType Gets the type of the expression.
IsAggregate bool Gets a value indicating whether this expression is aggregate.
IsParentExpr bool Gets a value indicating whether this instance is a parent expression.
Kind DataKind Gets the expression kind.
Tag int Get the expression's tag - a special identifier that is used to distinguish the type of the expression .
Text string Gets the expression text. For this type it returns entity name + attribute caption.
Value string Gets or sets the expression value.


Name Type Description
AssignExpr(EqExpression expr) void Assigns some expression to this one. This method just does nothing in the base class but can perform some actions in Expression descendants.
LoadFromXmlReader(XmlReader reader) void Loads expression from XML.
ReadOnePropFromJsonAsync(JsonReader reader, string propName) Task Reads one property of the expression (asynchronous way). or skips unused from the JSON reader.
SaveToXmlWriter(XmlWriter writer, string tagName) void Saves the expression to XML writer.
SetAttribute(EntityAttr attr) void Sets the entity attribute.
SetContentSilent(string val, string txt) void Sets the content of the expression silently (without calling ContentChanged event).
WritePropertiesToJsonAsync(JsonWriter writer) Task Saves propeerties of the expression (asynchronous way). to JSON writer.