TextStorage class

Static class which stores all text resources used in assembly

public class Korzh.Utils.TextStorage


Type Name Description
String Get(String id) Gets the string by its ID
void LoadFromFile(String path) Loads text resources from file.
void LoadFromFileForCulture(String baseFileName, CultureInfo cultureInfo = null, String fileExt = properties) Loads resources from .properties like file for indicated culture.
void LoadFromResources(ResourceManager resManager) Loads texts from ResourceManager object.
void LoadFromStream(Stream input) Loads this Korzh.Utils.TextStorage object from System.IO.Stream object.
void LoadFromTextReader(TextReader reader) Loads this Korzh.Utils.TextStorage object from System.IO.TextReader object.
void Put(String key, String value) Adds new resource item with specified key and value.

Static Methods

Type Name Description
CultureInfo GetCurrentCulture() Returns current culture
CultureInfo GetCurrentUICulture() Returns current UI culture