EasyQuery 3.6.0 release

What's new:

  • LoadFromType() method of DataModel class. Now you can populate your DataModel object from any model class.
  • LoadFromDbContext() method now takes names from Display / DisplayName attributes defined for properties and entity classes.
  • AutoLinking() method in DbModel - allows finding links in your model tables based on a field-to-field comparison.
  • DynamicQuery() LINQ extension method for IQueryable and IEnumerable - allows filtering a sequence of data by some Query object.
  • ProcessInheritance option for a LoadFromContext method in DataModel class. If it's set - all inherited interfaces will be loaded as well.
  • Now it's possible to define join condition as SQL expression in Data Model Editor.
  • New ColumnsChanging event in Query. It is called before each change in column list and allows to cancel that event if necessary.
  • FirstDayOfNextWeek, FirstDayOfNextMonth and FirstDayOfNextYear macro values can be used in operators' expressions.
  • ListValueEditor attribute for properties in model / context classes. It allows you to specify value editor for some class property.
  • FilterBar widget - allows adding data filtering functionality to your CRUD pages.[asp]
  • Auto-pagination support for result sets in MVC edition.[asp]

What's changed:

  • List of result attributes in subquery dialog is automatically shrunk according to a data type of base condition attribute.

What's fixed:

  • Wrong behavior of "Clear query" operation in MVC edition.[asp]
  • Operators with additional operands were not processed correctly in MVC edition.[asp]

Published: 2014-12-15, Updated: 2017-11-08