EasyQuery 3.5.0 release

What's new:

  • New Korzh.EasyQuery.Serives.Db assembly and EqServiceProviderDb class which implement the main functionality you may need when EasyQuery is used in MVC or Web API applications.
  • Separate EasyQuery assemblies for different versions of EntityFramework.
  • New default set of date/time operators in your model. More convenient and user-friendly.
  • ExtraConditions property in Query class - allows you to add default invisible conditions to each query generated by user
  • AddSimpleCondition and AddPredicte methods in Predicate class - now you can add a condition or predicate with one line of code.
  • New non-static event ListRequest in QueryPanel control. Use it to process events raised by CustomList or SQLList value editors.[Silverlight]
  • Few bug fixes in visual controls;[win]
  • SqlExecute event is now deprecated. Use ListRequest event to process events raised both by CustomList or SQLList value editors.[win]

What's new for JavaScript and MVC:

  • New Query and DataModel JavaScript classes - you can use it to add conditions and columns on a client side.
  • Global refactoring of EasyQuery widgets;
  • Zero-setup conception: just include eq.all.min.js and eq.view.js to your web page, and EasyQuery widgets will be applied to default placeholders automatically.
  • Ability to set SqlOptions (like SelectDistinct) for your query on client-side.
  • AddSimpleCondition method in Query class - add a condition with one line of code.
  • showSearchBoxAfter option in QueryPanel and ColumnsPanel widgets. It allows to setup after what number of items a search box in drop-down menus will be shown;
  • New SyncQuery AJAX request and corresponding EQ.client.syncQuery() function. It replaces old BuildQuery request.
  • No base Controller (or ApiContoller) classes. Instead, you can use one of our controller's templates (in source code) which work together with new EqServiceProviderDb class. It gives you more control over processing AJAX requests from EasyQuery widgets.

What's new for WebForms:

  • Bug fixes in DateTime Picker and drop-down menus;
  • SqlExecute event is now deprecated. Use ListRequest event instead to process both SQLList and CustomList value editors.

Published: 2014-05-23, Updated: 2017-11-08