EasyQuery 3.4.0 release

What's new:

  • LoadFromContext method in DataModel class. Now you can use it for any collection container type.
  • LinqQueryBuilder - generates LINQ queries.
  • Korzh.Utils.Db assembly - several useful classes for data export (CSV, Excel) and SSRS integration.
  • Operand list for operators: now you can define custom operators with few operands of different types.
  • New options in Query.Formats: GroupByCalcColumns, MaxIdentLen.
  • SortEntities() method in DataModel class.
  • LoadFromConnection() method in DbModel.
  • Move to top/bottom menu items in QueryColumnsPanel control.
  • Few improvements in columnnFOs menu in WebFormsтАЩ QueryColumnsPanel control.
  • Few improvements in JavaScript popup menu both in MVC edition.
  • EqMvcController and its descendants now return errors via response status code.
  • SetSelectedAttrs() method in EntitiesPanel web control.[asp]
  • EqMvcController now can return result sets in Google's DataTable format.[asp]
  • ReadOnly property for columns.[win]

What's fixed:

  • Sub-query value in condition disappeared when changing an operator
  • Problem in JavaScript DateTimePicker widget under IE.[asp]
  • Few small problems in popup menu;[asp]
  • Performance problem (occurred on long queries with many columns and conditions).[silverlight]

Published: 2013-11-11, Updated: 2017-11-08