EasyQuery 3.3.0 release

What's new:

  • LoadFromDbContext method in DbModel class: now you can load model directly from your DbContext or ObjectContext.
  • New FilterExpressionBuilder class: useful for building expressions for DataSource.FilterExpression or DataView.RowFilter.
  • New DbGate class for PostgreSQL.
  • Visual Studio 2005 support is back.[asp]
  • New sample project: EQMvc4DemoEF - demonstrates how to use EasyQuery components with MVC 4 / Entity Framework projects ( with "code first" approach)[asp]
  • A possibility to filter attributes in EntitiesPanel jQuery widget - hide "used in result" or "used in conditions" attributes.[asp]
  • NodeAdding event in EntitiesPanel. Now it's possible to change color, image and other properties for each node.[win]
  • LoadFromDbContext method in DbModel class: now you can fill DbModel object directly from your EntityFramework models.[wpf]
  • New option in DME: "sort fields by their original position" (works only for OLE DB connections).[wpf]

What's fixed:

  • Wrong processing of CaseInsensative option for operators with "List" kind of values (e.g. "is in list").
  • Wrong popup menu behavior in WebForms edition.[asp]
  • An exception was thrown when "is between" operator was used for date/time values;[win]

Published: 2013-06-14, Updated: 2017-11-08