Version 5.x

Working with several data models

Problem All EasyQuery demos works with one data model (and one database which corresponds to that model). However, some application might work with several databases and switch between them at run-time. The good news: starting from version 5.1.0 EasyQuery makes the task of switching between several data models quite simple.

Custom client-side dialogs for saving/loading operations

Problem The Advanced Search page in our demo project uses standard JavaScript prompt and confirm functions to get some data from the user or to ask for a confirmation. Is it possible to show some prettier custom dialogs instead of those default ones? The answer is yes and here we describe how to do it. Solution

Dynamic queries UI for ASP.NET Core projects with Entity Framework Core

Prerequisites Let's suppose we have: an ASP.NET Core project where we use Entity Framework Core to works with some database Pretty usual, yeah? Objectives We want: to create a view/page where our users can build custom (not predefined) queries to that DB and ... to run those queries over our DbContext to get the result sets. Solution

EasyQuery.JS widgets localization

Localization / internationalization tasks for EasyQuery widgets. How to add new locale, how to set current locale, how to switch widgets language on-the-fly.