Version 4.2.0 release notes

1. Core library

  • Some improvements in FillByDbGate method of DbModel class: new options parameter and a possibility to turn on/off DB views from scanning
  • A possibility to use indexing in operator expressions for "List" kind of values. For example: ` BETWEEN {expr2[0]} AND {expr2[1]}

2. JavaScript

  • onError and onLoadQuery callbacks in easyQuerySettings
  • setDescription() method in Query object

3. Angular sample

  • Now we have a sample project which demonstrates you how to use EasyQuery to set up an advanced search page in an Angular application.

NB: All EasyQuery samples (including the new one) are available on GitHub repository

4. Custom value editor example

  • We have added an example of defining a custom value editor in our EqAspNetCoreDemo01 sample project. You can check how it works by adding a condition with "Product | Units in stock" attribute and "In range" operator.

5. Fixes

  • AlphaAlias and QuoteColumnAlias settings now work separately from each other
  • Collection navigation properties are now supported in DbModel.LoadFromEntityType and IQueryable.DynamicQuery extension methods.