How to restrict access to EasyQuery middleware for non-authenticated users


Your web application has an open part (main page, some info pages, login/registration forms) and the part that requires the authorization. And you want that the data-filtering or ad-hoc reporting functionality provided by EasyQuery be available only for authorized users.


Starting from version 5.1 EasyQuery introduces the concept of "auth provider" (IEqAuthProvider interface) which is responsible for controlling the access to all EasyQuery middleware actions. There is a default implementation of that provider which grants acts exactly as described: it grants the access to EasyQuery functions only for authorized users.

To apply that provider just add the following line to the EasyQuery middleware setup in your Startup.Configure:

app.UseEasyQuery(options => {
	.    .    .    .    .

By default, such actions as "NewQuery", "SaveQuery" or "RemoveQuery" are available not for all authorized users but only for those who has a special role: eq-manager. To remove this requirement you can "tune" the provider after its initialization:

options.UseDefaultAuthProvider(provider => {
    provider.RequireAuthorization(EqAction.NewQuery, EqAction.SaveQuery, EqAction.RemoveQuery);

If you want to require the user has some role to access some action you can use RequireRole function. Here is an example:

options.UseDefaultAuthProvider(provider => {
    provider.RequireRole("some-special-role", EqAction.RemoveQuery);

The code above granted the access to "RemoveQuery" action only to users with "some-special-role" role.