Version 5.3.9-rc1 - EasyQuery .NET Framework packages

  • [New]: Saving Model DbParameters locally in DME

  • [New]: Error processing in EasyQueryApiController

  • [Fix]: Checking connection string before checking db connection in DME

  • [Fix]: Save model loaded from JSON file in DME

  • [Fix]: Process ExtraParams in EasyQueryApiController.

Version 5.3.9-rc1 - EasyQuery Kernel packages

  • [Fix]: Saving file path on loading model from JSON file

Version 5.3.8 - EasyQuery Kernel packages

  • [New]: PageSize option on ExecuteQuery

  • [Fix]: ExtraParams saving to xml

  • [Fix]: Prevent cascade updating in groups for the changes intiated by children

Version 5.3.7 - EasyQuery Kernel packages

  • [New]: DataExportTuner interface
    This interface allows you to tune export settings

  • [New]: ExtraParams property in ListValueEditor

  • [Upd]: Updated the registration of CustomValueListResolver.
    Notice. Old AddValueListResolver method of EasyQueryOptions is deprecated now. Use a new one.

Version 5.3.6 - EasyQuery .NET Framework packages

  • [Fix]: Name prettifier on model load

  • [Fix]: Problem with macro processing date in WinForms

Version 5.3.6 of EasyQuery kernel packages

  • [Fix]: Wrong SQL when there is a group with all disabled conditions

  • [Fix]: Name prettifier on model loading from a DbConnection

  • [Fix]: Problem with SelectDistinct when LegacyPaging is true
    Now SqlQueryBuilder uses DENSE_RANK() function instead of ROW_NUMBER() when SelectDistinct is true

  • [Fix]: Formatting when value contains new line symbol

  • [Fix]: Ignore RowNumber column on export
    RowNumber column for legacy page was not ignored on export

Version 5.3.5 of EasyQuery kernel packages

  • [New]: Formats.JoinsOrder propery in SqlQueryBuilder
    Allows to define the order of table joins in the FROM clause of generated SQL

  • [New]: LegacyPaging option for DbQueryFormats
    Enables paging which uses ROW_NUMBER() function.

  • [New]: UseCustomFuncInOrderBy option for DbEntityAttr
    If the option is set to false, CustomFunc of the EntityAttr will not be added to order by expression.

  • [Fix]: Wrong format of JSON file on saving via FileQueryStore
    If size of the target file is bigger than the size of the saved content - we got wrong JSON in result.

  • [Fix]: Paging support for Oracle
    Paging was not turned on by default for FormatType.Oracle format type. Now it's properly supported the similar way as for SQL Server

Version 5.3.4

  • [New]: ReturnQueryOnSave option for EasyQueryMiddleware option.

  • [Fix]: CustomFunc is processed before applying the aggregate functions in columns.