How to add a token to EasyQuery HTTP requests

There are two ways to modify HTTP requests initiated by EasyQuery.JS widgets and add some extra headers/parameters to them.

For each of those scenarios you need to get the HttpClient service first:

var httpClient = view.getContext().getServices().getHttpClient();

Here view is a "view" object you work with on the current page (e.g. AdvancedSearchView or ReportView).

After that may use the defaultHeaders property to set any headers you need for all EasyQuery requests:

httpClient.defaultHeaders['Authorization'] = 'Bearer YourTokenGoesHere';

If the value of the request header should be calculated right at the moment of request, you can use onRequest event handler instead:

httpClient.onRequest = (request) => {
    request.setHeader('my_token', 'some token');

    //additionally, you can add some extra query parameters to the request
    request.setQueryParam('param1', 'value1');

Using HttpClient to handle the response

You can also use the HttpClient service to catch and handle any response from the EasyQuery server-side API. Use onResponse event handler for that:

httpClient.onResponse = (xhr) => {
    console.log('EasyQuery API response', xhr);
	let headers = xhr.getAllResponseHeaders();
    console.log('EasyQuery API response headers', headers);