ChartColumn interface

ChartWidgetOptions interface

ColumnsBarOptions interface

Columns bar options

ColumnsPanelOptions interface

Columns panel options

EntitiesPanelOptions interface

EntitiesPanel options

EqResultOptions interface

Options that define how to display the query execution results

EqViewOptions interface

Options of the EasyQuery view

EqViewSlots interface

The information about DOM elements to place EasyQuery widgets in.

FilterBarOptions interface

GridOptions interface

Grid options type.

MenuItem interface

PopupMenuOptions interface

QueryPanelOptions interface

Query panel options

Report interface

Represents single report in the view

ReportCacheItem interface

ReportViewOptions interface

Options of [[ReportView]]

ReportViewSlots interface

The information about DOM elements to place EasyQuery widgets in.

ResultFacetsPanelOptions interface

SortingBarOptions interface

  • adjustEntitiesMenuHeight
  • attrElementFormat - The format of entity attributes used in query panel conditions. You can set it to `{attr}` to shown only attribute part (without entity name)
  • columnRenderedCallback - The callback that is called when the column's row has been rendered. It allows you to make any changes you need to the markup of the row. Parameters: `columnDiv` - jQuery object that represents the column's row div
  • domWriteItemsId
  • menuOptions - Contains different options for popup menu that appears for selecting attributes in columns.

UseInOptions interface

Used in options.

ValidationResult interface

WidgetSectionOptions interface

Options for widgets