QueryPanelOptions interface

Query panel options





If true the active condition (the one user clicked on previously) will have accent background color.

● accentActiveCondition?: boolean


If true root predicate row become active at the beginning.

● activateRootOnStart?: boolean


● activeCondition?: null


● adjustEntitiesMenuHeight?: boolean


Gets or sets a value indicating whether it's possible to drag attributes from EntitiesPanel and drop them into QueryPanel to create new conditions.

● allowDragDrop?: boolean


Gets or sets a value indicating whether query panel allows to place some conditions in to JOIN clause instead of WHERE.

● allowInJoinConditions?: boolean


Gets or sets a value indicating whether query panel shows "toggle parameterization" button which aloows to mark each condition as parameterized.

● allowParameterization?: boolean


If true QueryPanel widget will always show button in condition rows. Instead of default behaviour when they are shown only on mouse over.

● alwaysShowButtonsInConditions?: boolean


If true QueryPanel widget will always show button in predicate (group) rows. Instead of default behaviour when they are shown only on mouse over.

● alwaysShowButtonsInGroups?: boolean


The format of entity attributes used in query panel conditions. You can set it to {attr} to shown only attribute part (without entity name)

● attrElementFormat?: string


Defines where to display attributes in the tree: 0 - attributes are displayed after entities 1 - attributes are displayed before entities 2 - attributes and entities are mixed, and displayed in alphabetical order. In this case the sortEntities option value dosn't matter.

● attrPlacement?: number


If true the QueryPanel will automaticall show value editor for any new (just added) condition

● autoEditNewCondition?: boolean


Defines which buttons should be shown in the condition/predicate when the mouse is over. Possible values are:

  • "addCondition" - the button that allows to add new condition. Is shown in predicates only.
  • "addPredicate" - the button that allows to add new predicate. Is shown in predicates only.
  • "enable" - the button that allows to enable or disable certain condition.
  • "delete" - the button that allows to delete certain condition.
  • "menu" - the button that shows menu with all available actions for the condition/predicate, including the actions that are not available using other buttons. By default the option is not set, it actually means
condition: ["enable", "delete"]
predicate: ["addCondition", "addPredicate", "enable", "delete"]

● buttons?: `any`

### dateFormatDisplay

The format of date values used in condition rows.

● dateFormatDisplay?: `string`

### dateFormatValue

A string that represents the format of date values used in date/time picker widget.

● dateFormatValue?: `string`

### dateTimePickerResolver

● dateTimePickerResolver?: (options: `DateTimePickerOptions`) => `DateTimePicker`

### defaultQuery

● defaultQuery?: [Query](api-reference-7x/@easyquery/core-package/classes/query-class)

### dialogZIndex

Sets or gets the ZIndex property of the different dialogs used in QueryPanel (including the sub-query dialog)

● dialogZIndex?: `number`

### domWriteItemsId

● domWriteItemsId?: `boolean`

### editableParts

Gets or sets a value indicating current edit mode for QueryPanel

● editableParts?: [QPEditablePart](api-reference-7x/@easyquery/ui-package/enumerations/qpeditablepart-enum)

### emptyTextAttribute

● emptyTextAttribute?: `string`

### emptyTextList

● emptyTextList?: `string`

### emptyTextOperator

● emptyTextOperator?: `string`

### emptyTextValue

● emptyTextValue?: `string`

### entitiesListFilter

● entitiesListFilter?: `any`

### entitiesPopupHandler

● entitiesPopupHandler?: `any`

### isSubQuery

● isSubQuery?: `boolean`

### menuContainer

● menuContainer?: `HTMLElement`

### menuOptions

Contains different options for popup menu that appears for selecting attributes, operators or values in condition.

● menuOptions?: [PopupMenuOptions](api-reference-7x/@easyquery/ui-package/interfaces/popupmenuoptions-interface)

### numberDecimalSeparatorDisplay

Sets or gets the symbol which is used as decimal separator

● numberDecimalSeparatorDisplay?: `string`

### numberListSeparators

Sets or gets the symbols which are recognized as list items separators
(for example when user is supposed to enter a list of values in a text box).

● numberListSeparators?: `string`[]

### onConditionRendered

The callback that is called when the condition's row has been rendered. It allows you to make any changes you need to the markup of the row.
    condition - Condition object
    slot - HTMLDivElement object that represents the condition's div

● onConditionRendered?: (condition: [Condition](api-reference-7x/@easyquery/core-package/classes/condition-class), slot: `HTMLDivElement`) => `void`
#### Example: 

conditionRenderedHandler: function (condition, slot) {


● onExpressionRendered?: (expression: Expression, slot: HTMLDivElement) => void


● onGetAddRowRenderer?: (slot?: HTMLDivElement) => BaseElementRenderer | null


● onGetConditionRenderer?: (condition: Condition, slot?: HTMLDivElement) => ConditionRenderer | null


● onGetExpressionRenderer?: (queryPanel: QueryPanel, expression: Expression, editor: EqValueEditor, slot?: HTMLDivElement) => ExpressionRenderer | null


● onGetOperatorRenderer?: (condition: Condition, text: string, slot?: HTMLDivElement) => BaseElementRenderer | null


● onOperatorRendered?: (condition: Condition, text: string, slot: HTMLDivElement) => void


If true and no timepicker is displayed, calendar will be closed after click on some date. Default is true

● oneClickDateSelection?: boolean


Gets or sets a value indicating whether query panel must show a special [add condition] link at the bottom

● showAddRow?: boolean


Gets or sets a value indicating whether query panel must show a checkbox at the beginning of each condition row. User will be able to use these checkboxes to enable/disable corresponding query conditions

● showCheckboxes?: boolean


If true QueryPanel widget will show conjunction elements (and or or) at the beginning of each condition.

● showConjunctions?: boolean


If true, calendar will display an input box with date string. Default is false

● showDateTimeInput?: boolean


Allows to turn off "Powered by EasyQuery" link shown in the bottom right cornder of query panel. Works only in the full version of the script.

● showPoweredBy?: boolean


Gets or sets a value indicating whether query panel must show a root row which represents the main group of conditions

● showRootRow?: boolean


Defines whether entities and attributes should be sorted alphabetically. If false, they are displayed as listed in the model.

● sortEntities?: boolean


Sets or gets the height of sub-query dialog

● subQueryDialogHeight?: number | string


Sets or gets the width of sub-query dialog

● subQueryDialogWidth?: number | string


The range of years displayed in the year drop-down: either relative to today's year ("-nn:+nn"), relative to the currently selected year ("c-nn:c+nn"), absolute ("nnnn:nnnn"), or combinations of these formats ("nnnn:-nn").

● yearRange?: string