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Localizer 4.15.0 release

We added RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo support, improved the Language Manager a little and fixed small bugs - click on the title and read the full list of changes.


Localizer 4.14.0 release

Added support for RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin


Localizer 4.13.0 release

Localizer got some new features, such as several new parameters in Language Manager command line API, new "regular expression" filter in the Language Manager, etc. We've also modernized Language Manager's look and fixed small bugs - click on the title and read the full list of changes.


Localizer 4.12.0 release

Added RAD Studio XE8 support and also small fixes for DRC files processing.


Localizer 4.11.0 release

Now you can import from Sisulizer files and support for RAD Studio XE7 is also added.


Localizer 4.10.0 release

Added support for RAD Studio XE6 and some new options for localized projects.


Localizer 4.9.0 release

Added RAD Studio XE5 support. Fixed small problems.


Localizer 4.8.0 release

In this package we've payed special attention to bugs and problems and fixed it. Also, we've added RAD Studio XE4 support.


Localizer 4.7.0 release

Added RAD Studio XE3 support and a package of updates and fixes for Language Manager.


Localizer 4.6.1 release

We've fixed bugs in Language Manager and added RAD Studio XE2 update pack 4 support.


Localizer 4.6.0 release

Added RAD Studio XE2 support and 64-bit support.

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